How can I submit a request?

There are three main ways to submit a new request.  First is to log into your Red Butler Account, and click on the button that says “New Request.”  Pick the category of the request from the dropdown box, fill out the subject line and details of what you’d like Red Butler to help with, and then you can choose to add additional skills or to attach a document to the request.  Once you’ve filled out the new request form, hit submit and a request will be submitted into our system.  The second way to submit a new request is to simply email “” from the email address that you signed up with, give us the details of what you need help with and hit send and a request will be submitted on your behalf.  Finally, the third way to submit a request is to call Client Services (for Red5 clients) or your Dedicated Account Manager (for Red15 clients and above) to submit your request directly over the phone.  

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