Market Research: Automotive Industry

I'm currently thinking about investing in a luxury car rental business in California but I need to understand more about the industry before I do so.  Will you please do some market research and find the following information for me if available: 

1. Size of the overall automotive industry

2. Industry players (How many luxury car rental businesses are there) 

3. Sales related to luxury car rental businesses over the past 3 years 

4. Market share distribution (Who are the main competitors and how much of the market do they each have) 

5. Luxury car rental sales for the Los Angeles Market

6. Luxury car rental sales for the state of California

7. Emerging trends within the overall automotive market 

8. Any other additional information you think may be useful 

If you have questions or need some additional clarification, please reach back out to me via my work phone number at (555) 555-5555.  

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