Executive Meeting

We have four of the top executives from our company flying in to meet with us next month in New York, and we need to find a meeting place and coordinate the meeting.  We'll need a temporary meeting space with tv, computers, and projector capabilities so that we can run through all of our materials.  The meeting space will need to be large enough to fit 6 different people, and it would be ideal if it were walking distance to a few casual restaurants in case we get hungry.  Please research a few options that are in or close to Brooklyn.  Also, once you've sent over your suggestions and we've confirmed that the meeting space is appropriate, please go ahead and book that for us on Tuesday the 22nd of March.  

I'll also require that you send an email out to each person attending, with the meeting location, time, and any other pertinent information that may be useful to them as they are from out of town.  I've listed everyone's name and email that are attending below: 

Corey: corey@ourcompany.com

Matt: matt@ourcompany.com

Meghan: meghan@ourcompany.com

Jenna: jenna@ourcompany.com

Vanessa: vanessa@ourcompany.com

Myself: steven@ourcompany.com 


Please text me with any questions as I'm out of the office today.  

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