Word to Excel Transfer

I've entered a word document called "2016 Sales" in my dropbox account (login information located in my wallet).  It's basically a list of every sale we've made, who the sale was made to, when the sale was made, and the amount of the sale.  Please take all of this data and create an excel spreadsheet.  For the spreadsheet, I'd like you to organize the sales so that the sales for each month are on their own page.  Meaning there will be one page within the excel document for all the January sales, then one page for all the February sales, and so on.  I'd like the spreadsheets to include the following:

1. Date of the sale 

2. Sale Amount

3. Who the purchaser was

4. Total monthly sales for each month utilizing excel formulas so that I can continue to add new sales to the spreadsheet, and it will automatically change the "total sales" amount based on the information that I add.

5. Contact information for each purchaser for each sale (also located in the word document that I've entered into my dropbox) 

I'm out of the office all day today so if you have questions call me on my cell at (555) 555-5555.  Please work on this until it is completed.  Use as much time as needed.  

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